Monday, January 19, 2009

//-piff,chips &dip & mad LQ. ;]

happy martin luther king jr day to everyone! :) i hope everyone gets a chance to watch the inauguration of our president to be -Barack Obama! ill TRY to wake up early lol; hot97 is gnna be broadcastin live too; so ya can do that. im all xcited! lmao i guess it hasnt sunk in yet; OUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK! lass nite, when me & hubby got home from the movies.. we were wtchin a lil part of the pre-inagural bash .. a bunch of celebrities were there of course. my btch beyonce sung America the Beautiful. she looked pretty in like 20 degrees weather :) when obama went up & did his speech i got goosebumps & i wnted to cry. lmao darius was jus lookin @ me, rollin his eyes. im like whtvr! hes like what if the president was latino? would u cry? lol im like idunno. i jus feel like the struggle has been so much harder for the black person. bu then again, i guess i have a right to feel the way i do, cuz my moms side is colombian, bu they are blck ass hell. lol soooo my ancestors were prob slaves too. who knos? lmao so random. anywayyyyyyy; this wknd was pretty good. saturday we had a GIRLS day. we havent really had one of those in SOOO long. its sad. but it felt so good. went to the mall, did a little shoppin, flickd it up of course. then headed to ninis house. we bought MAD LQ chips & dip [yum] & fckin started playin that flip cup game. OMG we got TRASSSSSHED. well almost everyone, except my boyfriend. lmao this nigga kept winnin!! i was mad lmao bu we had a good time. i guess u do realize who ur friends really are in the long run. & ive ran into alotta btchs who front like they so real .. but in the end.. not likely. total opposite. fckit tho. im very content with whos in my life; theres thngs here & there where i wish shit could be different, bu for the most part; i LOVE MY LIFE. here are some videos of all the flipcup rounds. & eyecandy lmaoo -lata. *xoxo.
*me&stef were up frst. & LMFAO @ me flippin the cup MAD hard. no technique wtsoever. lmaoo SMH. & stefcue twitchin & shit. ah man. lmao
*nini&niki's roundd. LMFAO @ ninis face! & me "nininini" i couldnt even talk right.
*niki & dees turn. niki was goin CRAZY. lmao
*me&hubby. of course he wins. creep! LOL
*nini&dees roundd. LMFAO @ "this is for my fallen soldiers comin on" & nini like "u aint shit nigga!" lmaooo
*me&niki round. lmfao @ me DANCIN like that. the fuck? *FINALLY, after dee plyin with the girls, lmao the guys show up; & wins too. lmfaooo. jon&dees roundd.
good motherfckin times. goin for round two on sat. & everyone is comin up w/ a master plan on how to beat dee. lmao *insidey. lmao
proppin' in hot topic. lol

we walked up to people acting like london tourists to take our pic ;]
accent & everythin. lmaoo

*stefcue & tati. eyes mad low; trashed.


Kay said...

lol that looks like fuuuun

lmao @ the accent thing

Caribstar said... the carlo yet good