Tuesday, January 13, 2009

// -updatin ya..

sittin here sick as a dogg, [GRR] decided i should blogg for a little. this is gonna be a long one. bunch of randomness, so enjoy cuz im not one to jus sit here & write about my life all the time! lol ;] ok so, i feel as tho im not AS sick as i was the previous days due to the fact that i can actually open my laptop & not feel the pain in my eyes or have my head achin cuz of the bright ass screen. lol [ YEAH it was that badd ] i mean, i was perfectly FINE & dandy on saturday! spkin of sat .. lemme give ya a lil re-cap; it was fun. or not? well not until sat nite, that is... woke up, cleaned my room up, had a hair appt @ five bu ended up cancellin it due to the weather; it started snowin & i was oh so MYAD! i swear, winter is my worst season; PROMISE. the roads were pretty badd & my mother was really not gnna lemme drive. lmao. so i laid in my bedd for 20 min contemplatin how the HELL i was gnna get this head of hair done. lol i was so mad, cuz i didnt feel like dealin it w/ myslf. bu i reaaaally had no choice. in the meantime, it kept snowin & snowin. im like the fuck?! when is it gnna end?! cuz if it didnt by eight or so; i was really doubtin we were gnna go to jaes bday partay; esp since it was all the way in soho. so yeah. i was hopin for the best, got my ass up, took my long, hott shwer, straightened my hair & somewhat curled it. then decided i should jus do a side ponytail. the shirt i was wearin that night was so cute! & it only made sense if i shwed the bck of it. the shirt was tied up in the bck, like the straps, into a long blck bow. thnkn bout it now, im mad i didnt take a whole pic of my outfit cuz it was cutesy! i got a couple compliments on it that nite. ;] anyway, lol by the time i remembered that it was snowin, i looked outside & it had stopped! then right then & there, jae aims me like. "it stopped!" lmao. soupties much? heck yeh. lol then while i was experimentin on my napps, hubby came over .. & it actually came out okay after all. lol i was happy i didnt have to spend like $5o bucks on my shit when all i was gnna do was sweat that shit out in a matter of ..hmm? an hr.? lmao. so yeah, then we were jus waitin for nini&jon for like 2277227986 hours. :D lmao j/k after they scooped us, we were on our way! i hate findin prkin in NY, bu amazingly it didnt take that long. we get there & the corny ass bouncer asked us for our IDS .. chcked mine; OK its a go. then chcked ninis. & i forgot exactly what he asked her about it .. but she said like her WHOLE info on it & he goes "theres no need for all that honey OR sweety" lmaooo i was like ilk. how corny. i hate when people end or start their statements w/ either sweety or honey. idunno thats jus like a pet peeve of mine lmao. FYI; it WAS HER she jus had blonde ass hair in her pic. dont ya jus dislike bouncers? well no, some can be pretty cool. blah lol. anyway, we went in & the place was real cute. & the DJ was pretty good too. i had a blizzzzzaaast lmao. such a blast in fact, nini jus reminded me.. my left ass cheeck hurts. cuz i def busted my ass shkin my lil ass butt lmfaooo. UGH. i got so trashed. i swear, it was the MOET. im mad tho, i really wnted some of that NUVO. lol [sidebar] the day i frst got introduced to *nuvo, it was @ abyss. my boyfriend & his crew, DREAM ENT used to promote there & throw parties every thur, & i was in vip w/ the girls, & one of the guys from dream, comes up to us & jus gives us a bottle. it was a pink bottle. were like wtf is this? nuvo? lol. im thnkn its jus a cheap bottle theyre givin us.lol. but we tasted it & i loved it. its real light & fruity. & those are my fav drnks. i guess all the "girly" drnks. like all the malibu baybreezes & jolly rancherz. its jus id rather ENJOY drinkin my whole drnk, rather then havin a nasty ass strong drink in my hand, & take yrs to drink it lmao. like why? anyway! & on top of that, ya shouldnt sleep on the girl drinks cuz not only are they YUMMY but they get u pretty trashed! so yeah i recommend the nuvo! the day followin jaes party, i had an OD hangover &&&&&& i was gettin super fckin sick.. AGAIN! thankfully, hubby<33 was takin care of me. it jus sucks cuz i work @ a daycare & i love my jobb, but the kids are always sick & always coughin or sneezin in ur face. i must say "cover ur mouth" like more then 50 times. lol. :[ but i went to the DR & she jus told me its a bugg goin around. prescibed me some yucky coughh syrup & antibiotics & i was good to go. i really gained 1o lbs. my weight has always been 12o. now im up to 13o. & im ok with that; i jus need to tighten up my stomache & ill be fckin good! lol but ooh! im a TV junkie & 9o21o is on soooooo its time for me to go! lol. & plus this is preeeetty long anyway. here are some pics of saturday @ fr.og & other random shit. im still waitin on jaes pics cuz i kno that btch has mad pics, bu in the meantime,here are these. tootles. *xoxo. <33
a random nite out @ dave&busters.
*tati was havin a "snkr" day. LOL

*he can be soo silly sometimes. lmfao.
*bein gay. :D lmao. also, FYI; this was december 26th, which happened to be hubby&i's TWO year anni. & i was goin thru all of my pictures & found these two pics..
these two were taken a little after he asked me out. this was our frst date @ madame x & KUSH. some hookah bar in new york. & after dave&busters, we went to kush. i was jus like awwwwwh; what a coinkidink. so YES i jus had to do it. corny to some, bu o well! lol ilovethat guy. <3 okay movin right along ...

jaes birthday party.
*birthday girl.
*favorite pic. random pic = priceless pic.
*nini x jon.
*blame it on the moet.

*ana x tati.
*love birds. :P
*birthday girl & the guys.
. *d$ x bonnie.
*tati x bonnie. ooooowwwww! (u can actually see the bow! ;])


-bonnie marie; said...

i had madd fuuunn. esp your big fall tati! drunky lmfao =x

FLYBOIZ said...

everybody looked NICE
Jae switched it up for her big 2-4
Ana in leggings? And nobody got a flikk of that backshot? I'm bout to go check the space. LMAO

CeCe said...

the pics are mad cute!!!
since you work @ a daycare you should try takin airbone or some generic form of it. my ex is a school teacher and all the teachers had to take it b/c kids were spreading germs like wild fire.

Kay said...

i didnt go to Jae's cuz i live in upstate ny n the snow was badd, another reason was cuz i had to take a train to the city n no one was trying to take me n my friend in the snow... sucks i kno

anyway i love those dunks u have on!! n ur flannel ;)

&& yay @ u n ur boo ;)

everyone looked gorgeous that night