Friday, January 9, 2009

choos are DEF love.

hello bloggers. bored ass fck at 2am & cant sleep. :[ so decided to blogg it up for a little. i kno i kno i kno! its been a MINUTE since the last post. bu the GG$ are pretty busy. for starters, i wanna congratulate my wifey, nini. she moved out & got her own place w/jontantan [lol]! YAY! thats pretty cool. im happy for her. shes havin a housewarmin pretty soon, so be prepared for a bunch of mothafckas actin a fool & of course, mad pics & videos. lol. ummm, i wont be postin any pics or anythin. ima just wait 'tyll after this saturday. its jaes BDAY party @ fr.og in soho. 71 spring st @ crosby. its a nice ass spot. & i am so xcited! were gnna have a blaaast. so yeah, stay tuned for pics & shit of sat; & a bunch of other randomness. okay so i was brwsin on, which i havent been on in a while & they have pretty cute shit. just MAD expensive. UGH. the frst place my fnger seems to lead me to, is of course, the shooooooooooooooooooes section! my fav<3 anyone who knos me well enuff, knos its heelz over kicks for me ANYDAY. lol i barely have snkrs. i own a couple from way back, when i went thru my little dunks & kicks phase like in highschool & shit. lmao.*smh* after that, i found that my real passion was for "choos" as i like to call 'em now. *pronounciation* = CHUZ. lol. my boyfriend is and has always been a HUGE snkr head, so im around alotta kicks & shit, frequently. lol. & when we go out shoppin or he shows me snkrs, im like "awh theyre cute" but i wouldnt really go out my way to get them. lol. however, i reeeally reallly want me some supras. BAD. hopefully, ill get those soon. i like em on dudes & i love em on my boyfriend, i esp like how they look on girls feet. mad cute & small, but thats any snkr. lol. anywhoo back to intermix, i found these couple of cutesy choos that i would def wear; if only they wasnt so damn xpensive. so sorry im comin off cheap ass fuck; its a recession tho. ring a bell? YEAAAAH. mad bills & on top of that i only have a part-time jobb anyway. "/ [if anyone knos of any place thats hirin full time; administrative/clerical field in jerzee. union county preferred. that would be GREAT. k thnx:)] lmao. idunno y i even do it to myslf knoin very well i cant afford this shit rite now, bu hey a girl can always DREAM right? lol ok so im lookin at the clock & my eyes burn. i thnk its time for me to go to sleep. lol sooooo here are some of the choos. enjoy. -$625.00; Guiseppe Zanotti; studded thong sandals. fckin LOOOOOOOOOVE these. -$665.00; Stella McCartney; silk stiletto pumps. available in baby pink & blck. -$150.00; Mystique; flat suede gladiator sandals. THESE I CAN PROB DEF AFFORD RIGHT NOW. lmao. -$225.00; KORS Michael Kors; studded gladiator sandals. PRICE AINT OD EITHER LOL CUZ i love love love. -$645.00; Stella McCartney; satin spectator pumps. BUT for all of u ladies that can afford these pricey items, u can get 'em @ intermix. happy shoppin! ;]
b4 i go .. -lala. where she been at? BUT im lovin her caged shoes. i seen somethin a bit similar in bakers -LANEY ankle boot. WAS $89.95 now $69.99. not bad at all. hmm, maybe i should try tryin these on; they always look better on; then on a display. ;] ciao. xoxo. *tati.


Kay said...

YEahhhhh part time jobs suck, soo i def know what are ur talking about . i have to chill on buyin dumb shit like that stupid ass mascara lol

anyway yess i will be going to Jae's ;) so `ill see you laterrr . i`m just mad its going to snow =(

&& i know what shirt ur talking about i have the same one, i got the two like an ass lol

see u later ;)

FLYBOIZ said...

Supras are the shit!
Deff blogged about them too.
Darius got fly taste.
YOU got expensive taste. lol

Yasluv♥ said...

They have some Stella McCartney's similar to the black ones on this website called check em out!