Tuesday, October 28, 2008

its a celebration .. BTCHS!

ok sooo LAST friday was *ninis 21st BDAY; but sunday nite, we all celebrated it at club HOME in nyc. & when i tell ya we went IN; we went in!!! we had a motherfckn' BLAST. everyone came out to help her celebrate. popped HELLA bottles. [fyi, i dont even say the word HELLA, bu it sounds appropriate to say it now. lmao] anyway, we danced our pretty asses OFF. 'tyll our fckin feet went NUMB! all the way 'tyll 43o AM. ikno ikno, BEASTS! its also a pretty dope spot, i might say. i LOVED it. dj camilo from hot97 was there, soo you already kno; music was DOPE & they had a pretty good crowd too. wen we frst got there, it strted out pretty slow, i was like UMMMMM, maybe it was the fact that we got there early. 12ish to be exact. & for ya who PARTY in NY KNOW, the party dont start 'tyll after that. LOL. so yeah, next thing you kno, PEOPLE everwhere! im like where the hell all these people come from? LOL. rocsi from 106 & park was there. NOT THAT SHE REALLY MATTERS; bu jus sayin. lol. & a couple of other "celebrities" were there as well, so i heard. i thnk they were like football plyrs or boxers or some shit. idk & really dont care; OBVIOUSLY, so whtvr. lmao. buh yeal all i have to say is this is def one bday bash we'll ALWYS remember. <33 so heres a LITTLE BIT of eyecandy to give ya just a GLIMPSE of how much fun we actually had. ;] ENJOY! *BDAY GIRL.-adorable. hott shoes huh? --upon our arrival. --brotherly / sisterly LOVE. can we say GOOD TIMES?! ha. ;] --more pics & videos comin soooooon.

Friday, October 24, 2008


today our fellow glam girl, nini aka bonnie blunt$, turns the good 'ole 21! yay! soo jus wnted to wish her a happy, healthy 21st bday. finally could throw away those fake ids! very good feelin lemme tell ya! lmao. anyway, theres been plenty of drunken fun nites shared [ illegally ] pretty sure, now, were gnna have a fckin BLAST, gettin trashed, LEGALLY on sunday & every other nite after that. ;] LOL. man oh man; cant wait. so yeah, enjoy it babes; go all out. see ya later. <333 ya wifey. ;]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

she is NOT playin.

misses victoria beckham was spotted in a pair of SIX-INCH marc jacobs stilletos in Madrid, Spain on Thursday. she was in town promotin her A/W dVb 08 denim collection [ shes wearin pants from the line BTW]. all i gotta say is; kudos to her for NOT brkin her ankles or her neck at that! lets take a look.. a CLOSER LOOK .. WOWSERS. lmao. like i said b4, ONLY her.

beyonce x In Style mag.

soo here goes beyonce covering the latest issue of InStyle magazine, lookin fckn FLAWLESS. & look at what she had to say about some of her fashion favs: “Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier are two designers I love right now. Their clothes are feminine, sexy and modern. I just went to the Giuseppe Zanotti showroom, and he had the most spectacular shoes. It was like being in a candy store—I was obsessed with every shoe! now, I love anything with a high platform. . . . . .I am obsessed with vintage Chanel jewelry. I once bought all the Chanel pieces that were on display at an antiques store in New York." *sighs. imagine that. LOL. yup. flawless. <3

Friday, October 17, 2008

-cubannie links.

get with the program if you havent ladies. Cubannie Links are hot & the best part about them? theyre earrings are as light as feathers, but big & raunchy<3. find these sexy accessories on karmaloop or cubannielinks.com

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hot or not ?

okay soo i actually like kimora lee simmons & her show "Kimora, Life in the Fab Lane", bu that does NOT mean i like BABY PHAT. lol. funny thing is that i was browsin thru the baby phat website & it seems like the people over at baby phat are finally doin a lil SOMETHING. Their fall collection has some OKAY things compared to their hood-rat lookin getups that we see on displays in such stores as AAO, jimmy jazz, & Dr. Jays. I am def. knda shocked at myslf for sayin this buh, they actually got some cute shit; if only it didnt have that fckin kitty logo all over. :] jus sayin. LOL. peep some of this out tho ..
& i looooooooove anythin thats jewelry; charm bracelets a PLUS! & these are def. lookin like something out of juicy couture or even betsey johnson. who knew huh?
keep pushin Kimora, your aaaaalmost there. maybe she should lay off all the logos all over the place. & maybe, jus maybe ill reconsider. LOL.