Tuesday, October 28, 2008

its a celebration .. BTCHS!

ok sooo LAST friday was *ninis 21st BDAY; but sunday nite, we all celebrated it at club HOME in nyc. & when i tell ya we went IN; we went in!!! we had a motherfckn' BLAST. everyone came out to help her celebrate. popped HELLA bottles. [fyi, i dont even say the word HELLA, bu it sounds appropriate to say it now. lmao] anyway, we danced our pretty asses OFF. 'tyll our fckin feet went NUMB! all the way 'tyll 43o AM. ikno ikno, BEASTS! its also a pretty dope spot, i might say. i LOVED it. dj camilo from hot97 was there, soo you already kno; music was DOPE & they had a pretty good crowd too. wen we frst got there, it strted out pretty slow, i was like UMMMMM, maybe it was the fact that we got there early. 12ish to be exact. & for ya who PARTY in NY KNOW, the party dont start 'tyll after that. LOL. so yeah, next thing you kno, PEOPLE everwhere! im like where the hell all these people come from? LOL. rocsi from 106 & park was there. NOT THAT SHE REALLY MATTERS; bu jus sayin. lol. & a couple of other "celebrities" were there as well, so i heard. i thnk they were like football plyrs or boxers or some shit. idk & really dont care; OBVIOUSLY, so whtvr. lmao. buh yeal all i have to say is this is def one bday bash we'll ALWYS remember. <33 so heres a LITTLE BIT of eyecandy to give ya just a GLIMPSE of how much fun we actually had. ;] ENJOY! *BDAY GIRL.-adorable. hott shoes huh? --upon our arrival. --brotherly / sisterly LOVE. can we say GOOD TIMES?! ha. ;] --more pics & videos comin soooooon.


itsjaybtch said...

tottttssss <333333
thankies thankies thankies pretty lady!! i seen your mommy last week leaving the bank.. i know she def. wont remember me from elementry school lol ..

but yeahh ya sure did it up at the club .. i loveee the picturesss. beautiful ladiesss ..

God Bless..

xoxo, ruthie.

ps. Bey -- hotmess for the moviee+++ lol.

--nini marie; said...

-um theres def more pics than that lmao i uploaded the video already im gonna post it ;]