Friday, April 17, 2009


although summer is almost landing, id still cop this- perfect for the chilly nights out ;] these leggings are FUEGO- adorable- loves it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

cassie x new do.

im pretty sure most of u have seen cassies new do. & im a little late in bloggin about it, but thats only bcuz i have a thing called -LIFE. =X lol & i knew everyone else was gnna be bloggin about it but fuckit, that is why we made a blogg, to talk about OUR personal thoughts! lol anyway, soo i frst found out about it when nini aimed me like "yo! cassie shaved like half of her head off" lmao. i was like nuh uh. i went to go google the pics, & there it was.. -LOVIN her nail polish. ;] my frst instant thought was "this btch is gnna look stupid". but surprisingly, idunno WHY, but it looks good on her. kinda bad ass. its def a "idc wtf others think" kinda look. LOL. but yo she really shaved half of her head. like wtf? lmao. celebrities could do that&really pull it off. lol. now i would never rock this shit, bu i do admire people who dare to be different, i guess. I AM IFFY. but i feel like it just fits her. shes still a fly lil thangg lol. ok now ladies do NOT try this shit at home -PLEAAAAASE. lmao. personal thoughts? *thnx to sWc, i was able to peep this shit out. LMFAO. too funny. speed up to 1:4o if u dont feel like wtchin the whole vid.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i could fck every girl in the woorrlld. enjoy the vid loves. & please excuse our ridiculous absences! once again welcome NEW FOLLOWERS<333