Saturday, November 29, 2008

*socialites. ;]

before i start off w/ the post, i hope everyone had a fun & safe thanksgivin. cuz shit, i kno we did! ;]
okay sooooooo lass nite some of us fellow GG$ & jon made an appearance at PRANA lounge, in bloomfield; hosted by DREAM ENT., to celebrate thanksgivin or whtvr. it was a success. SOMEWHAT. "/ lol. the nite started off bangin. people jus kept on comin in & comin in. the whole shit was packed. around 12ish im thnkn to myslf "damn. im surprised a fight hasnt broken up yet". lmaoooo whadda ya kno! about an hr later, the biggest fight broke out. & it wasnt like jus ONE. it had to be around 8 fights all at once. tables & chairs & bottles flyin everywhere. *smfh. terrible. pretty chicks & a nice ass spot.. niggas wanna decide to fight & shit. how fckin wack, in my opinion. buh you kno theres always those certain type of ppl that jus alwys gotta kill shit for others. soo yeah, that was pretty much a wrap .. as far as PRANA goes. after that, we decided to hit up lunas; since it closed @ three am. that was cool. alotta familiar faces were there; bu other then the fight at prana, we had a good ass time. & of course .. here are some pics & vids to prove it! *tata btchs.
--wednesday nite @ dolces.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


-we all know what we're thankful for ;] everyone have a safe & happy thanksgivinggggg.* P.S.; PRANAS TONIGHT. DREAM TEAM EVENT- BE THERE OR BE SQUARE LOL. <333

Sunday, November 23, 2008


the misshbehave x lips x hellz party was oh-feeshall. got wasted & met a bunch of cool ass heads. wish the rest of the GG$ joined, but they had their own personal business to attend to; we're busy women. ;] the complete update is posted on my homie jae's blog. peep there, heres a few pics tho... giving the wall my autograph; cause of this bitch; i had the only fuckin Dunzo face; one last word for the haterssss;