Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*glam girl$ bck in the day ..

okay so i was brwsin thru my oldd photobckt & look what i came across .. some ooooooooooooldies. VERY old. i cant even lie, i was def. havin my reminiscin moments <33 from "damn that nite was soo much fun -to wtf were we thnkn wearin that" lmfao. these pictures represent nothin less then some GOOD FCKIN TIMES. i swear. these memories & the people that are seen in the pics who are no longer in my life, i will ALWAYS hold close to my heart. unfortunate circumstances led to our friendships, somewhat fallin apart; but these memories will def alwys be cherished.<3 ANYWAY, im gettin all fckin sentimental & shit. THE FCK? lmao //tke into consideration ppl, they are NOT in order & some are waaaaay too fckin small; theyre jus all random ass sizes, yes i kno; WACK. buh i was not gnna sit here & resize em all; sorry. LOL. so jus enjoy as much as ya can. tootles <33 & theres alot more where that came from!


-bonnie marie; said...

-oh em gee. wow; a drastic change!

Super Woman said...

at least you girls were ALWAYS glamorous

Ciao bellas!!