Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hot or not ?

okay soo i actually like kimora lee simmons & her show "Kimora, Life in the Fab Lane", bu that does NOT mean i like BABY PHAT. lol. funny thing is that i was browsin thru the baby phat website & it seems like the people over at baby phat are finally doin a lil SOMETHING. Their fall collection has some OKAY things compared to their hood-rat lookin getups that we see on displays in such stores as AAO, jimmy jazz, & Dr. Jays. I am def. knda shocked at myslf for sayin this buh, they actually got some cute shit; if only it didnt have that fckin kitty logo all over. :] jus sayin. LOL. peep some of this out tho ..
& i looooooooove anythin thats jewelry; charm bracelets a PLUS! & these are def. lookin like something out of juicy couture or even betsey johnson. who knew huh?
keep pushin Kimora, your aaaaalmost there. maybe she should lay off all the logos all over the place. & maybe, jus maybe ill reconsider. LOL.

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alexis b. said...

ugh; i can't rock somethin' wit logos all over it regardless of how cute it is. i'm nobody's fuckin' walking advertisement.