Friday, October 3, 2008


our very own frst blogg entry. :) but first, lets meet the girls, shall we? -nini - tati - niki - jess. okay soo we are a group of cool ass chicks who jus like to have F-U-N; plain & simple. were all very different & unique in our own ways; & we think thats what makes us get along & click soo well. were all very much into the common shit other chicks are into; such as fashion, the nightlife, boys, & whtvr else is jus DOPE. LOL. jus in our own "glamed" up way; guess you can say. LOL. we DID not name ourselves the "glam girls" like most crews who would jus randomly pick & name or whtvr, some fly nigga, who goes by the name of *d$- [shout out to DREAM ENT. peep their blogg out BTW -] named us. reason bein? we STOOD out; basically. ;] so thats how WE as a crew, came about. haters? we def got 'em, bu who doesnt right? like T.I. said, "I never been a hata, still i love em in a crazy way". ;] our goal is to alwys be fabulous & always always ALWAYS mke an appearance; STAND OUT. ;] we've been known around as the GLAM GIRLS for quite sometime now, so most of you are probably wondering,"why have a blogg now when they've been around for mad long"? goooood question! we've alwys been fans of blogs & shit; jus never really had that much time to put into it. we DO wanna talk about the dopest shit thats out there & dedicate mad time to this, so yeah; better late then never right? =P the purpose of this blogg is to entertain the supporters & the groupies. LOL. share OUR thoughts with everything thats goin on around our world; whether it be from VOTING to FASHION. something from LOOK OF THE DAY to WTF WERE THEY THINKIN?! music & movies; WHATEVER. from OUR point of views. -everyone seems to have alwys been interested in everything we do ALREADY, so yeah, why not give them something to talk & analyze on a daily basis. :) we promise to def. keep you guys entertained & keep you comin bck for more. STAY POSTED. <33

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