Friday, January 23, 2009

*blast from the past*

as im browsin thru stores in the mall & online, im realizin how shit from the bck in the day is slowly but surely, mkin a comeback. its lookin like this upcomin season is all about the followin trends; acid wash denim, tie dye, crazy neon, metallics, etc. for me, im not really too crazy about neon leggings or neon accesories, basically; not too crazy on the trend. i guess, maybe its all in how u rock it? but whtvr, for u ladies who are into mkin a fashion comebck.. theres a couple ways to update these vintagy looks..

-id rock these. ;]

i styll have yet to get these jeans; mad late i kno. LOL. "/
love the bracelet.

id rock this hoodie; theres more colors too available @ forever21.


FLYBOIZ said...

i know this the glam GIRLS blog and all but can the dudes get a blast from the past fashion post, i'm sayin tho... lol

LipstickOne said...

these things should be SIZE appropiate..i am a big girl.. you will not see me in no lime green leggings...lmao

kmX said...

Some chics might take it the wrong way and think that the 80's/retro trend is back...smh.

But I loved the gold pants, blonde tee, pink shades.

Great post girlie ;]