Wednesday, January 21, 2009

*clearly, were whatspoppin.

so lass nite me & the chicas went out to packed as always, dolces. we havent been there in mad long. & of course, was there, flickin away. i havent took a whatspoppin pic in God knos how long. & its soo funny, cuz whnvr we all go out as a crew, we TAKE OVER. & we always end up on the cover. lmao. fela was DEF feelin us. *winkwink. theres "ugly" or "wack" for ya *smfh. LOL. anyway, im off to work now. here are some of the eyecandy. *xoxo. oh yeah it never fails; big ups to all our hatas. *sticks middlefnger* lmao
*tati & her tipsy self. LOL.
*jess came out!

*on the cover*
*nini&tati w/ tone of dream ent.
the end. *tootleloo.


lipstick cherry said...

lookin' good ladies!

kmX said...

Glammin' as always ;]

KFUEGO said...

Tati* you & your boo always look soo freakn adorable together BEST couple i've ever seen :] p.s te vez divina chika ;] oxo -Katy*