Wednesday, January 14, 2009

// *melody eh$ani is that btch.

i kept goin bck to bck on the melody ehsani website jus to see if they had any new shit comn out & nothin was ever there but thnx to fellow blogger cece, i peeped the new melody ehsani shoe collection out in march. & my oh my, i fell in love. LOL. i love ALL her shit. from accesories to the choos. her shit is mad unique from whats currently out there; & that i love. so yeah, here are some of her sexy ass shoes from her spring collection. save those buckaroos & get to shoppin in the spring ladies! ;]


-bonnie marie; said...

omg. oh this is gonna be a dope spring.

kmX said...


I think I'm in love.
I will def have to start rockng heels even though I'm a youngin lols.

tataJunkiee said...

m.e is the truth