Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

shoes galore!

-guiseppe zanotti. -gucci. -dior. -christian louboutin. -alexander wangg. -alexander mcQueen. TO FCKIN DIE FOR.

[*FYI; i kno all we seem to post about are HEELS & we are very much aware that not ALL our followers are into just heels; so we will be postin all about kicks pretty soon!] *xoxo. :D

spring must haves pt. l; *THE JUMPSUIT-

b4 i start off with the post, i jus wanna take time to welcome & thank all the NEW followers! ;] ok so as im brwsin thru mags; stores; red carpet events; &runways, i see how jumpsuits are goin to be HUGE this spring/summer. i personally love them; BUT i worry about how theyre gonna look on lil ol me. lol. reason bein? im a LITTLE more into the PANT jumpsuits; dont get me wrong tho, the shorts are def cute too; bu the pants, i feel look better on TALL people rather then short. im like 5'1 BLAH. i dont wanna have to dress it up like ALL the time with heels? i would like to be comfy & wear it with some flats or sandals too. um is it me or am i jus bein too complicated rite now? whtvr. LOL. in the end, theyre great bcuz u can dress it up or down. & i love when u can wear somethin & its not ONE specific look, u can pull it off & wear it multiple times, various ways. ;] here are some picks some of u might consider;

Thursday, March 12, 2009

amber rose ..

is pretty fckin dope. her swagg is seeeeerious. & she kinda does remind me of a 'white' kelis; LOL.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

*dancin with the stars ..

so i was a tad bit upset when i tuned into dancin with the stars late&missed lil kims performance; but of course, worldstarhiphop would have it up. i thnk its kinda cute how she refers to herself as "blck barbie" & derek as "her ken" UH YEAH NO. guess thats why she thought all that plastic surgery was for -to look like a black barbie. smh. anyway to what really matters, her dancin; i actually thnk she did pretty good; & for once, she doesnt look too miss piggyish. um ok, i lie; [SOMETIMES] lol. -keep 'em comin kimmie. ;]
ps; i jus realized how tonite was kims bigg premiere of her on the show; & the anni of biggies death also; kinda crazy rite? "/

Thursday, March 5, 2009


tell me this shit aint HOT? psh. i think id def freak this dress. i LOVE it. ;] HI BABE. lmao <3

oh no she didnt -

sooo for some reason i ALWAYS have the radio on; hot97 to be exact, & as always miss info talks about the latest celebrity news&drama. & as im givin my room some major spring cleanin, she says somethin about keri hilson makin like a diss song or... somethin. "victims"? beyonce OR ciara. i cant find the stupid audio; & im not gnna keep lookin lmao; im tired! but peep this verse out ..
“I ain’t trying to start no mess, but there’s something on my chest that I need to get off, ’cause you turning me off. Your vision cloudy if you think you the best, ***you can dance, she can sing***, but need to move it to the le(ft) [don't do it to em shawty!], she need to go have some babies….. Go head and tell folks how Imma be writing your songs, I’ve been putting you on, just check the credits, ho.”

like what? she cant even be serious. i was startin to like keri too. lol & she really called her a ho. lmao i like died. lmao. but on a more serious note, keri doesnt even have an album out yet. yes, i do love beyonce; & yes, she can get TIRED sometimes cuz at times, even im "over" her BUT shes been around for mad long & hasnt fell off at all; call me a groupie or whtvr! but u cant deny, beyonce is dope. & she has million$; so get maddER. =P anyway, so for some up&comin chick to just start talkin crazy about someone whos been around for quite some time now, its kinda nuts to me. however, EVERYONES entitled to their own opinions; & maybe she doesnt feel like beyonce is the "diva" she claims to be; or maybe shes jus a fckin hater. lmao ummmmmm; or MAYBE JUS MAYBE ..keri hilsons album is about to DROP. hinthint. [i think she thinks the drama will somehow benefit her album sales, in a positive way] i wonder if beyonce will respond? ummm yeah NO; beyonce prob aint even worried about her ass lmao. we'll have to sit bck, wait&see. LET THE 'DIVA' BEEFS BEGIN! thoughts??

Monday, March 2, 2009

stuntin is a habit; get like us.

snowstorm+boredom = some eyecandy. enjoy.