Tuesday, March 10, 2009

*dancin with the stars ..

so i was a tad bit upset when i tuned into dancin with the stars late&missed lil kims performance; but of course, worldstarhiphop would have it up. i thnk its kinda cute how she refers to herself as "blck barbie" & derek as "her ken" UH YEAH NO. guess thats why she thought all that plastic surgery was for -to look like a black barbie. smh. anyway to what really matters, her dancin; i actually thnk she did pretty good; & for once, she doesnt look too miss piggyish. um ok, i lie; [SOMETIMES] lol. -keep 'em comin kimmie. ;]
ps; i jus realized how tonite was kims bigg premiere of her on the show; & the anni of biggies death also; kinda crazy rite? "/


SC* said...

she dont even look like "LIL'KIM" any more.

smh. i miss the good ol' days.

Dolce. said...

wow...that dance was actually good.
The bootleg Janet joint killed it for me tho.