Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh no she didnt -

sooo for some reason i ALWAYS have the radio on; hot97 to be exact, & as always miss info talks about the latest celebrity news&drama. & as im givin my room some major spring cleanin, she says somethin about keri hilson makin like a diss song or... somethin. "victims"? beyonce OR ciara. i cant find the stupid audio; & im not gnna keep lookin lmao; im tired! but peep this verse out ..
“I ain’t trying to start no mess, but there’s something on my chest that I need to get off, ’cause you turning me off. Your vision cloudy if you think you the best, ***you can dance, she can sing***, but need to move it to the le(ft) [don't do it to em shawty!], she need to go have some babies….. Go head and tell folks how Imma be writing your songs, I’ve been putting you on, just check the credits, ho.”

like what? she cant even be serious. i was startin to like keri too. lol & she really called her a ho. lmao i like died. lmao. but on a more serious note, keri doesnt even have an album out yet. yes, i do love beyonce; & yes, she can get TIRED sometimes cuz at times, even im "over" her BUT shes been around for mad long & hasnt fell off at all; call me a groupie or whtvr! but u cant deny, beyonce is dope. & she has million$; so get maddER. =P anyway, so for some up&comin chick to just start talkin crazy about someone whos been around for quite some time now, its kinda nuts to me. however, EVERYONES entitled to their own opinions; & maybe she doesnt feel like beyonce is the "diva" she claims to be; or maybe shes jus a fckin hater. lmao ummmmmm; or MAYBE JUS MAYBE ..keri hilsons album is about to DROP. hinthint. [i think she thinks the drama will somehow benefit her album sales, in a positive way] i wonder if beyonce will respond? ummm yeah NO; beyonce prob aint even worried about her ass lmao. we'll have to sit bck, wait&see. LET THE 'DIVA' BEEFS BEGIN! thoughts??


buzzin p said...

omg that is what i told my friend, i was like this bitch hasnt even dropped an album && she is talking shit she needs to sit down she got famous off a timbaland song guess id be better too if my album kept gettin pushed back just when i was like im liking keri but that upset me

B. said...

lol yea i agree
but we will have to see just did a post on this
heres the link

Jeri Holloway said...

not to pick sides but she's been writing for years, so she's put in some work
but nobody's put it in like BEYONCE so she should definitely save that diss song for later in her career

King Of 1 Self said...

She got at them hard .she been writing for people at 16 and the singer ain't without the writers

Kay said...

hova bout to ghost write for bee if she responds lmaooo

anyway uh... keri is aiiight


Yea that's wat I was gonna say, Keri has been writing ppl's shit for YEARRRSS. She's not new to the game, ppl have just been sleepin on her.
Lmao and in all honesty it took balls for her to come at B like that--im sure she just sayin what everybody else felt/was scared to say. IMO Bey has based her career off BITING other ppls shit..and she's only lasted this long because the female artist comin out today are so shitty..she has had no ACTUAL competition. And the ones who could hold a candle to her are so underrated.
(Sorry hella long lmao)

glam girl$. said...

tru, tru, truuuuu lmao.
alotta views; & some truth
to all.

keeko. said...

yeah she has put in work
for a while now
i was jst talkn to
my babe last weekend abt it
but she damn sho aint on MISS B
and no B hasnt had any competition but evn if she
did, B is still pushn big things
&nd holdn shit down tuff on her
end. Keri
aint doin half th shit B iss
ima need ms. keri to slo her role
jst a lil bit

tataJunkiee said...

last time i checked Keri wrote for Bey'. Bey' does the damn thing "Hands down" but like honey said, Their hasn't been any "REAL" competition. Ciara? A joke to me. But Keri New album has now dropped and its FIREEEEEEEE can listen Intro to End. But glad she said theirs no beef but the lyrics just go dead ass to Bey and Ci. lol

kimee said...

lol right!! like how is some chick that just started gonna try to go hard on one of the hardest working celebs!!???
lol shes psycho

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