Thursday, March 12, 2009

amber rose ..

is pretty fckin dope. her swagg is seeeeerious. & she kinda does remind me of a 'white' kelis; LOL.


viva la mixed girl . said...

a white kelis .

but isnt she black ?

Assertive Wit said...

yeah...everyone keeps calling her white but last I checked she was Creole LOL

glam girl$. said...

*skin tone* i guess. lmao.
fuckit shes styll hott. lol.

StéfCue° said...

no shes italian and some other shyt.
crazy totz i was just thinking about thos hoe yesterday. she use to be a stripper and shyt. smh. she still fly tho.

itsjaybtch said...

such a hot btchhh !!

tats, tell nini why cant i read her blogg no more =/ ..


Missie Rich said...

I wonder if she got this fly on her own, or did Kanye Help her with that? Or is she helping him? That hair cut was a dope move. BTW, this blog is cute. HOLLLA

eveline fashion-diary said...

you're right with "white kelis".
i think each of her outfit is sick.
love her style!

she look so fly with kanye.

kisses :*

gorillababy said...

yikes shes hot. ive only seen her once b4.. and shes always wearin shades.

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noirlettes said...

shes hotter than Barbie