Sunday, December 28, 2008


b4 i start; i hope everyone had a dope ass xmas! [even the ones who cant stand the GG$] ;] yeh yeh yeh i kno im OD late bu really havent been on the i-net lately. been occupied. <3 anywho, this post is about the bubblegum pony tee line. the concept is simple, yet fab. chicks should def go pick up these tees! ill take one in every color; k thnx. ;] yessssss theres also totes. ;] GOTO: bubblegumponys to get urs now!

Monday, December 15, 2008

COCOnut *mojitos. <33

heyheyhey! how was everyones wknd? i hope you guys had a good time. this wknd the glamgirl$ & friends<3 hit up *cubanu on friday & then allzone after. IDUNNO why the fck i keep goin there yo. lmao. i swear. mad hoodrats; cornballs; they be ODin on the spanish music & it felt like we jus went there for 2 min. lmao. we alwys say "never again" yet, somehow, we end up there. lmao oh well, guess we mke it an enjoyable time. so yeah, cubanu; i LOVED! its such a chill ass spot. where u can jus sit & talk w/ ya girls; bug out; drink a couple mojitos; YUM<3 & two step; somethin light. LOL. its jus a real cutesy spot. ;] like alwys, we took TONS of pics & the videos are mad funny. here are a COUPLE of pics from jaes digi. [styll waitin on ninis & stefs] -HURRY UP HOES. =] enjoy loveys. <33 *classy chicks; never trashy. sit bck & take notes. ;] *jaaaaae ; bonnie blunt$; mrsdeemoney ; ana. *LMAO -blame it on the MOJITOS. fuck off tke o1- fuck off tke o2- *sissies in law. <3 *stef cue x jae. *stef cue x bobbie. *jae x vero's exotic lookin ass. LMAO. *yours truly. *bonnie x jae.

Monday, December 8, 2008

*role playin.

hello fellow bloggers. soo its been a lil min. got nothin to do as of now, soo thought id blogg about the wknd. friday me & hubby hit up studio all zone w/ nini, stef cue & jontantan. even tho, its really not my scene, we styll had a pretty good time; cuz duh, we made it a good time. ;] so yeah, made an appearance .. flickd it up & made some pretty funny videos. lmao.

we did not plan on mtchin ppl! LMAO.
OH YEAH, jus remembered.. some day lass wk, i get an IM like "btchs really talkin shit; mkin videos; tlkin about some FUCK THE GLAMGIRLS. IM THE BADDEST BTCH" i was like WTF? O-KAAAAY TRINA! lmao. nah bu mind you, we dont even talk abou this girl at all; her or her crew. so to be tlked about while bein at a social gatherin is pretty amusin to our ears; & it jus goes to show how grls hate for no reason. i really had to throw that in there; cuz if u so bad, the fck u worryin abou us for? thnk abou that. its jus wack. & if u get offended, its prob cuz u was tlkin shit too. lol.

ok movin right along.. that was friday -sat .. damn wtf did we do sat? lmfao. i def. forgot. womp -maybe another glammie will fill that in. lmaoo oh wait! yeah, nini & them went to atlantic city; bu i didnt make it; had mad babyshwers to go too; i swear everyones havin babies now a days. & sunday we were supposed to go to dave & busters; bu didnt even make it; nini & them was still at atlantic city; so me, hubby, jess & bash went bowlin then to redd lobster where we started tlkin about role playin durin sex & shit. lol apparently, jess & bash do it alot. thats how they ended up gettin the bundle of joy thats due in the summer. :] LOL. me & hubby dont do much role playin; due to the fact that hed prefer me ass naked instead of havin clothes on lmao; bu it def wont hurt to spice shit up once a bit & try somethin new & different. i ended up ctchin a lil of the convo on vid. enjoy the pics & shit. <33

do you role play? would you recommend it?? LOL.

Monday, December 1, 2008


okay, i cant even begin to tell ya how disturbin i found this video. i mean, i was wtchin it & the whole time i literally had my mouth wide open & gasping at the same time. one sweaty palm & that baby is def a goner. this is HORRIBLE. smfh.