Monday, December 8, 2008

*role playin.

hello fellow bloggers. soo its been a lil min. got nothin to do as of now, soo thought id blogg about the wknd. friday me & hubby hit up studio all zone w/ nini, stef cue & jontantan. even tho, its really not my scene, we styll had a pretty good time; cuz duh, we made it a good time. ;] so yeah, made an appearance .. flickd it up & made some pretty funny videos. lmao.

we did not plan on mtchin ppl! LMAO.
OH YEAH, jus remembered.. some day lass wk, i get an IM like "btchs really talkin shit; mkin videos; tlkin about some FUCK THE GLAMGIRLS. IM THE BADDEST BTCH" i was like WTF? O-KAAAAY TRINA! lmao. nah bu mind you, we dont even talk abou this girl at all; her or her crew. so to be tlked about while bein at a social gatherin is pretty amusin to our ears; & it jus goes to show how grls hate for no reason. i really had to throw that in there; cuz if u so bad, the fck u worryin abou us for? thnk abou that. its jus wack. & if u get offended, its prob cuz u was tlkin shit too. lol.

ok movin right along.. that was friday -sat .. damn wtf did we do sat? lmfao. i def. forgot. womp -maybe another glammie will fill that in. lmaoo oh wait! yeah, nini & them went to atlantic city; bu i didnt make it; had mad babyshwers to go too; i swear everyones havin babies now a days. & sunday we were supposed to go to dave & busters; bu didnt even make it; nini & them was still at atlantic city; so me, hubby, jess & bash went bowlin then to redd lobster where we started tlkin about role playin durin sex & shit. lol apparently, jess & bash do it alot. thats how they ended up gettin the bundle of joy thats due in the summer. :] LOL. me & hubby dont do much role playin; due to the fact that hed prefer me ass naked instead of havin clothes on lmao; bu it def wont hurt to spice shit up once a bit & try somethin new & different. i ended up ctchin a lil of the convo on vid. enjoy the pics & shit. <33

do you role play? would you recommend it?? LOL.


Anonymous said...

Fuck em' all let them hate, just shows that your doing you job lol, i def show the video pizza whores hahaha love it <3 Are u heading out to Cubanu this Friday?

Vixens;were ruthless said...

i think role playing adds some spice in the sex life. it doesnt hurt to try something different, idk sometimes basic sex gets boring and you wanna keep it interesting. plus its fun to talk about with your girls after it happens lol.