Monday, May 25, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

apologies; GG$ love u. <3

b4 i start off, i jus wnna thank & welcome all of our NEW followers! & also, apologize for the non-updating. "/ weve jus been mad busy lately; between school, jobs, personal things, bein out & about, & the night life LOL, we find it hard to update ALL THE TIME. some of us are movin to our own places, havin babies; basically, bein GROWN UPS. luckily, for you people who love eye candy; we have a whole lot of that from all of our lil adventures. *winkwink. soooo everything pretty much is the same. a few things in the works, but we wnna maintain that a secret for now. ;] nothing new to really speak on but just bein blessed as can be; were thankful for havin all that we have & bein able to do all that we do. ok on another note, WTF is up w/ all this damn rain?! it is soooooooo wack. i hate it. it really has me feelin like poop. like i dont ever be in the mood to do absolutely anythin; but stay in & cuddle =P not that i hate that part, but come on now. it was really 85+ lass wk; beaaaaaautiful & now its just shitty. its depressin. lol & i really cant wait for the summertime. i KNOW its gnna be a GREAT one. ;] but ok, enuff bout me ramblin bout the weather. lets talk about some of the events we attended. nini is one of the most randomest people i kno lmao. she hits me up mad random, like lets go to comix to the cipha sounds comedy show. im like um ok? sure. lol. we end gettin there oh dee late of course, to the point the actual comedy show was packeddddd so we didnt get a chance to sit inside & see the show, & i was pretty upset since that was my first time there; but for those of u that havent been there, theres actually a little lounge outside of the room where they have TVs where u can see the show from & u can order drinks & food [me & stef RIPPED those buffalo strips BTW lmao =X] very chill place. i liked it. & lemme tell u; the show was pretty hilarious. there were also alot of celebrities there as well. trey songz cutie self was there, diddy, & everyones new "favorite" guy, DRAKE; just to name a few. we happened to be leavin & drake was outside takin pics with people.. & he happened to grab us & took a pic. lmaoooo. that was cute; but he aint. =X guess that was the highlight of my nite. whtvr. *tati x drizzy drake x nini x stef cue.
*davids bday bash @ plush in queens.
*ana & i @ providence in NY.
last but not least, me&nini headed to santos playhouse lass wk, where vashtie & q-tip throw parties at. we got there around 1ishAM due to some lass min errands [ nini! ] like always; lmao. well, we get there & theres a dumb long line. were like "oh hell no". we were really gnna just wait & say fuckit, but as soon as the bouncer sees us, he asks us who were we with? ugh. NOBODY. lmao. hes like aight. & really let us cut the whole line; niggas had to be mad. lmao oh well! [ no ID check either ] niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! the place was cute. we happened to be downstairs tho due to capacity upstairs. we were right by the DJ booth; & as im sippin on my malibu baybreeze <3, in wlks diddy. i was like wtf. LOL & he started dj'ing & shit & of course, people were groupied out. really like pushed us out of our spot lmao. we were like fuck this n went to the back where we had our own lil shoot w/ the lovely walls. lmaooo. as ur gnna see in the pics, they were dope. they were like neon pink. i loved it. were really gnna try & get there earlier next time. ;] & with that bein said; here goes the eye candy; im off to bedd.
*one for now.